Footy season is in full swing here in Melbourne. While a few gals eye roll at their beloved leaving them to watch the game, we here at ms HQ are pretty stoked.

Boys out = night alone for chick flicks & chill....ultimate heaven!! And we have the perfect diffuser mix to create a relaxing & calming atmosphere for you. It's the perfect combo of deep heady aromas, lifted just slightly by the feminine & floral Geranium (the perfect mood & hormone balance you will need after having a good cry to your fave sob story!)


Grab a wine, pop your slippers on & enjoy xx

5 drops patchouli

5 drops bergamot

4 drops frankincense

2 drops geranium 

If you would like to get these oils into your life, then get in touch! We can help you get the best oils for 25% off retail! Send us an email at for more info! x


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