HEK is the Home Essential Kit & it is the bees knees, the ducks nuts, the cats meow....you get the picture, its freaking awesome!


Not only is the HEK  unbelievable value, it contains 10 oils to support pretty much everything. From health, beauty, well being, household cleaning, germ killing, mumma calming, toddler taming, nerve settling AND cooking.....there truly is an oil for everything & this kit has it covered.

The Home Essentials Kit contains 10 oils, a doTERRA petal diffuser, your wholesale membership plus loads of support & info from us. The full retail value of this awesome kit is $600......but the Home Essential Kit comes at the price of $330. Can you believe it!!! Crazy right?! 

If you're not already racing to purchase just because of the massive bargain value, read on to find out just a few of the benefits of the oils included...

Peppermint - digestive support, cooling for fevers, oral health, focus & relieves head tension. Ditch the commercial mouth wash & ad a few drops of natures breath of fresh air to a spray bottle with water to keep you smooch ready all day.

Lavender - skin repairing, pain relief, immune support, calming, relaxing, natural sedative. Place a drop on the pillow of everyone in the family or diffuse at night. Drift of to slumber-land with the nerve calming & relaxing aroma of lavender. 

Frankincense - anti aging, skin repairing, anti-inflammatory, emotionally grounding for stress & anxiety. The king of oils will have you looking like you took a sip from the fountain of youth! Add a few drops to you nightly skin routine & watch the clock turn back.

Tea Tree - anti fungal, skin clearing, pain relief, oral health, wound repair. Mother Natures medicine cabinet in one handy bottle. When your little one's have a stumble, no need for antibacterial creams full of cr@p. Pop a drop onto a band-aid to kill the germs & help with healing.

Lemon - detoxifying, uplifting, deodorising, cleansing. Pop a drop into a cup of warm water to start your day. Much better than using fresh juice as this oil is cold pressed from lemon rind - say goodbye to sensitive teeth & weakened tooth enamel.

Oregano - super cleaner, immune support, antioxident, mould killing, food flavouring. This mega strong oil will kill germs in their tracks. Mix in a water bottle with vinegar, lemon & tea tree for a seriously powerful, completely natural cleaner. 

On Guard - protective blend, immunity support, air purifying, cleaning. This blend scares the sh!t out of germs. Dilute with some fractionated coconut oil & place on the soles of your feet daily for an immunity boost. Safe for the whole family to use. Great for back to school! 

Ice Blue - natural alternative to deep heat type creams. Soothes aches, pains, muscular tension, calms the nervous system. Rub onto sore joints after a mega session at the gym, or if you have just done way too many laps of the shopping mall!

DigestZen - digestive health, motion sickness, nausea relief. Eaten way too much? Rub onto your tummy for relief or if your brave (its strong in flavour) add a drop to some hot water & sip on like a cuppa.

Easy Air - sinus clearing, respiratory support, promotes restful sleep. Diffuse at night time when you have a cold. The fresh combination of oils including eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree will clear the air, help you breath & send you off for a relaxing sleep.

So there you have it, 10 oils that will support your household in so many ways. How do you get get these babies in your hot little hands you ask.....? There are two ways:

Attend one our workshops. Our workshops cost $20pp & includes a glass of sparkling wine, delicious oil infused chocolate treats, an opportunity to make your own product (cleaning or beauty) all packaged in beautiful glass bottles. And you will get a full run down of our fave oils, learn what an essential oil is, how it works with our body, all while hanging with your besties & sipping on some champers. 

Or you can purchase online. Follow the link here & follow the steps to get these oily babies into your life.

We absolutely LOVE sharing the oils & we love to help with any of your queries, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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