Power Couple!...Tea Tree & Oregano

There are two things that all kids get that completely freak me out. Nits....which I have so far escaped (its just a waiting game) and CONJUCTAVITIS! I can barely type the word because as soon as I even think about it, I start blinking furiously & my eyes water like I have just watched an entire season of This Is Us. So of course Lawson came home from child care this week with sticky, red, gross eyes.

Enter some oily goodness.....Tea Tree & Oregano. I used 10ml of fractionated coconut oil, 2 drops of Tea Tree & 1 drop of Oregano, popped it into a roller bottle and have been placing it on my kids feet, chest & down their spine a few times a day. At night I have used 4 drops of Tea Tree & 1 drop of Oregano in the diffuser in their bedrooms. I also place a few drops of Tea Tree oil in the kids bath a few nights a week. (Never place oils in the eye!!. I often put oils such as peppermint or lavender on MY temples but with the kids I avoid going anywhere near their eye & I always dilute essential oils before applying to their little bodies.)

Tea Tree is used in our household daily. Its basically my medicine cabinet in a bottle. It is antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory. Its also a strong antiseptic, a decongestant, a great insect repellant & an immunity stimulant. Kids fall over....pop a drop of tea tree onto a fabric band aid. Mozzie season....dilute with a carrier oil & rub where needed or dilute with water & use in a spray bottle. Itchy skin...combine with frankincense & lavender & a carrier oil to sooth skin conditions like eczema. What cant this super star do?!?

Combine all that goodness with Oregano which is super, mega, out of this world strong (it can burn off a wart!!) and you have yourself power couple. Oregano is my go to for immunity boosting. As soon as I see a sniffle, hear a cough or see a gross eye I reach for Oregano. But wait there's more.....Oregano is delicious. A drop in your spag bol, a dash in your salad dressing, this bad boy is versatile.

So as a mum of littlies, I feel quite empowered to have these natural remedies on hand. I always use pharmaceutical medications when they are necessary, but if don't have to and I have some gorgeous essential oils to help with the health & wellbeing of my family, I just feel a little bit amazing!


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