Ok, so if you read that headline & your automatic response was to start singing Faithless you are an absolute legend & quite possibly one of my best friends. If you read it & thought I have terrible writing skills but still nodded your weary head in agreement then read on.....

Sleep - we all need it but for so many its not as easy as switching off the lights & easily drifting off to dreamland. Our lives are so busy, fast paced & full of technology that sometimes we can feel tired but just cant drift off. Essential oils can help!! Pure therapeutic grade essential oils really are a gift from nature. They are pure plant extracts taken from all parts of the plant that act as the plants defense and immune system. Just as plants are nature, so are we. So the beautiful, protective & restorative benefits it offers to the plants works with our body also.

So for me personally, I love to reach for the oils whenever I have an issue, be it mental health & well being, aches, pains, cuts, bruises and of course to help me unwind & get some serious zzzzzzz's. No nastie's, no side affects, 100% pure & used by people for centuries. Its time to take a step back from our fast paced life & stop & smell the oils I say!

Here are my top picks to help you unwind & get a great nights sleep.

Lavender - There was a reason your nan told you to pop a drop of lavender on your pillow, it is a natural relaxant.Traditionally, lavender has been used to treat neurological issues like migraines, stress, anxiety and depression, and is now widely accepted, with more testing taking place all the time, that lavender is beneficial in so many ways! It helps calm the nervous system & prevents agitation & stress making it perfect for inducing sleep. 

Vetiver - Just inhaling the deep, smoky aroma of vetiver is seriously grounding & calming. It acts as a natural tranquiliser & stress relieve. In studies conducted, it altered the neuronal activation from stress, having a similar impact as medication that is used to treat anxiety & muscle spasm. Combined with Lavender it is a powerhouse sleep aid. 

Cederwood - Another grounding oil that has the power to relieve stress & anxiety. Its scent encourages the release of serotonin, which is converted to melatonin in the brain. Melatonin induces restorative sleep & leaves you feeling calm.

Roman Chamomile - not only is roman chamomile one of the most gentle oils, therfore great for treating children, but it is another oil that has for centuries been used as a sedative & to calm nerves by promoting relaxation. 

So how can you use these oils at home to help you float off to slumberland.....?

  • Diffuse lavender & vetiver in your bedroom at night time.
  • Pop a drop of lavender into the bath. I find this a really great one with the kids.
  • Spritz your bed & linen with maison saine Goodnight Gorgeous Calming Mist before you hop into bed.
  • Diffuse Lavender Peace - one of doTERRA's blends that smells divine & contains lavender & a selection of beautiful calming oils.
  • Place a few drops of lavender into a carrier oil (eg; coconut or jojoba) and use to moisturise your body after a shower. This is my favourite calming, night time ritual.
  • Make your own roller by combining 10ml carrier oils with up to 10 drops of lavender & roman chamomile (check dilution rates for kids & babies). This is a beautiful gentle blend for kids. Roll onto their feet, down the spine & even across the forehead & temples after the night time bath/shower routine. My kids love this one!
  • Roll maison saine Chill Out Pure-fume onto the soles of your feet & pulse points to help you wind down & release anxiety before bed.
  • Make your own night time mist by combining any of the above oils into a spray bottle with water.

Here's how you can get some oily goodness into your life. I promise you wont look back!

  • Come along to one of our workshops where we will teach you how oils can help not only with your sleep, but how they can benefit your life & de-tox your home. 
  • Head over to our doTERRA online shop where you can purchase oils at retail....OR you can join as a wholesale member to save yourself 25% off all purchases through doTERRA
  • Jump onto the maison saine online shop to purchase our products.
  • Contact us & we can help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

I hope you all get some great sleep tonight!


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