Bold brows are a must have....the bushier the better we say! But what if you fell victim to the pencil thin look of the 90's? Those little babies take forever to grow back!

Your answer: Rosemary oil!! Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair growth & strengthens hair. Here as MS we have started using rosemary on our brows every night. Just pop a drop onto a a clean mascara wand & brush into your brows after your night time skin routine. Bambi worthy brows here we come!!

Bambi BrowsCara bold brows maison saine


Rosemary doterra glossier


And because rosemary will strengthen your hair & stimulate growth, its a great one to pop into your shampoo. Even better if you use a drop of cedarwood also which will have your long flowing Rapunzel tresses looking ultra shiney.

So whichever hairs need tending to the answer is clear....reach for Rosemary Oil!




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