One look at Fredrika Akander's instagram page will leaving you swooning. Originally from Sweden & now residing in  Melbourne, Fredrika's stunning Nordic looks combined with her relaxed style, killer workouts & healthy lifestyle puts her on top of our girl crush list.

But look deeper than the pictures & you will find a caring soul with a beautiful social conscience. Aside from Fredricka's role as a content creator & creative consultant, she is working tirelessly with CINTAS foundation in Uganda on the Menstruation with Dignity Project, raising money to provide & distribute sanitary items to young girls in Uganda.

We had a quick chat with Fredrika to find out how she uses routines & rituals to help her thrive.


ms: What is your morning ritual?

FREDRIKA: Mornings are my favourite time of the day! I have a glass of home-made kombucha and a cup of tea whilst reading my emails and the news. I make the time to make a quick call back home to my family in Sweden as it is evening there for them (preferably on my veranda if the weather permits). I also like to take the puppy for a walk and when I get back I'll have breakfast and a coffee and ready to start my day!


ms: What do you do each day just for you?

FREDRIKA: I always have a book that I am currently reading. Some days when I have time I may have a few hours to read it other days just a few minutes between appointments or meetings. It's my way of turning my attention away from electronics!


ms: What 3 actions do you need each day to thrive?

FREDRIKA: Time for myself, quality food and quality sleep. I am simple like that. 


ms: Who or what makes you glow with inspiration?

FREDRIKA: Old movies! Anything before the 80s!


ms: What scent are you most drawn to?

FREDRIKA: Citrus . All day every day. 


ms: Do you use aromatherapy or essential oils in your self care routine?

FREDRIKA: I started using peppermint oil for headaches after too much time in front of my laptop


ms: What has been your biggest pinch me moment?

FREDRIKA: Rather than having a specific moment I think I am more overall grateful and happy when I look back past months or weeks. I tend to be a little bit too much of a stress head to be able to enjoy that kind of moment! 


ms: What is on your bedside table?

FREDRIKA: I actually don't have one. I was going to purchase one until I realised it’s kind of nice to leave everything outside of my bedroom at night!


ms: What is your night time ritual?

FREDRIKA: I always shower before bed! I love the feeling of getting in to clean sheets and being freshly showered.


To find out how you can support Fredrika an the Menstruation with Dignity Project click here.

 Images via http://www.fredrikaakander.com




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