Elle Ferguson is one of Australia's original fashion bloggers. What started as a side project with her best friend, soon become the style icons we know as They All Hate Us. Since becoming a household name, Elle has worked hard to amass an Instagram following of 649K, establish herself as a digital entrepreneur and creative director of her own tanning line The Elle Effect.  

Elle is recognised as the all round Aussie babe...killer hair and legs for days!! However what strikes us about Elle is her kindness and work ethic. She has worked tirelessly to build her brand, all the while showing support & kindness to others. 

We had a quick chat with Elle to find out how she finds time for self care & rituals in her hectic life.....


ms: What is your morning ritual?

ELLE: check my phones...emails...give Babes a big hug & kiss...get up then hug my dog.

ms: What 3 products can you not live without?

ELLE: The Elle Effect Tanning Mousse, my curling wand & dry shampoo.

ms: How do you take time out to rejuvenate or create space for yourself?

ELLE: Pilates everyday for at least an hour (when my schedule permits) and I'm obsessed with Venustus - the women & the treatments keep me going.

ms: What scent are you most drawn to?

ELLE: I actually love super sweet or super masculine so either candy or tobacco...mixed together is my dream! Think Tom Ford Vanilla Tobacco.

ms: Do you use aromatherapy or essential oils in your self care routine?

ELLE: I love using tea tree oil, rose, lavender & eucalyptus.

ms: Fave destination to chill?

ELLE: either my home or Byron Bay.

ms: Fave city for style?

ELLE: It's pretty hard to beat Sydney, but I love the Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA for the best style.

ms: What's on your bedside table?

ELLE: I don't have a bedside table because I can't stand clutter!

ms: What is your night time ritual?

ELLE: Check my phone, put paw paw on my lips, kiss Babes, say a little prayer to protect the loves ones then sleep.

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Awesome little insight girls! Keep em coming!

Lucky October 21, 2018

Kobi & Dee, you girls are my legends

Rdog October 19, 2018

Well done. She is gorgeous!

Debra Clancy October 19, 2018

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